Dean Faculty of Environmental Sciences Prof. C. O Okoye Organizes “Staff Career Strengthening Workshop” to Empower Young Academics

The Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences Nnamdi Azikiwe University is organizing a highly anticipated workshop titled “Staff Career Strengthening Workshop.” This unique initiative aims to equip young academics with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel and grow within the university system.

The workshop will take place at the 500-seater hall at Bakasi. The event is scheduled to commence promptly at 10 am on Wednesday, 31th May 2023.

Recognizing the importance of professional development for staff members, the Dean Prof. C. O Okoye has taken the lead in creating this valuable opportunity for young academics. The workshop will provide a platform for young scholars to gain insights, guidance, and practical advice on various aspects of their career progression within the university.

Faculty members, researchers, and other university staff will come together to deliver presentations, facilitate interactive sessions, and share their expertise with the attendees.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions, ask questions, and network with seasoned professionals in their respective fields. The goal is to empower young academics with the necessary tools and strategies to advance their careers, make valuable contributions to their disciplines, and foster academic excellence within the University.

The Staff Development Committee, along with the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, encourages all eligible staff members, especially early-career academics, to attend the workshop. By investing in their professional growth, participants will strengthen their prospects for long-term success and contribute to the university’s overall mission of providing quality education and research.

All interested individuals are advised to mark their calendars for Tuesday, 30th May 2023, and arrive promptly at 10 am at the 500-seater hall at Bakasi. Further details and information can be obtained from the Deans office.


Staff Development Committee

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