The Faculty of Environmental Sciences is made up of the following departments:

a. Architecture

b. Building

c. Environmental Management

d. Estate Management

e. Fine and Applied Arts

f. Geography and Meteorology

g. Quantity Surveying

h. Surveying and Geo-Informatics

Job Opportunities

Graduates of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences can be employed in private and public sector as indicated below:


a. Self Employment

b. Consultancy

c. Oil companies

d. Banks

e. Environmental Management Firms

f. Transport Corporations (land, sea)

g. Housing Estate Development

h. Lecturing in Universities, Colleges and Polytechnics

i. Business/Trade/Manufacturing Firms

j. Oil and Gas Servicing Firms

k. Political Parties Secretariat Administrators

l. Agricultural Services and Supplies

m. Information and Communication Technology Companies

n. Construction and Engineering Company Administration


a. Lecturing in Federal and State Universities, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics and Research Institutes

b. Oil and Gas

c. Water Basin Development

d. Administrators in Federal and State Ministries

e. Local Government Administration

f. International Organizations

g. Rural Development Authorities

h. Urban Development Authorities

i. National Population Commission

j. National Commissions

k. Town Planning Authorities

l. Water Boards

m. Environmental Management Boards (Waste Disposal, Pollution Control)

n. Tourism and Sports Boards

o. Information and Communication Technology Companies

p. International non-governmental Organizations

q. Military and Defense Organizations

r. National Space and Meteorological Agencies

s. Federal and State Infrastructure Development Boards