It is a thing of delight to welcome you our esteemed students to the Department of Geography and Meteorology. In order to be guided through your stay in the Department and the University on the whole, it is imperative to understand the ethics and guidelines of the programme. This solely informed the strategic step by the Department to produce this handbook as a guide to the Student. Veritable information bordering on admission requirements, opportunities for graduates, programme structure, workload and evaluation criteria are some of its highlights.

Importantly also are the requisite courses that the students are required to take, rules on examination moderation and conduct, as well as penalties for violating any of the stipulated rules. Previous editions captured the course structure for both regular and CEP progrmmes, student population and staff profile and growth over the years.

This new edition focused on the regular undergraduate programme only and captured all the necessary rules and regulations concerning examinations for which each student needs to know. It is expected that this will be a guide to both students and staff, and equally benefit the wider society in diverse ways.